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In 2004, Tim Young saw an opportunity to service the grass roots businesses in his home community of Clearview Township. With this vision, he established Steer Enterprises Ltd’s mobile operation travelling to its customers to service their diesel engine equipment, heavy trucks and trailers. By 2006 it was evident that Steer needed to find a home base, so the Glen Huron location was purchased. Since then this site has been continuously renovated, expanded and re-configured to accommodate the growth Steer has experienced.

Having a central rural location has been key to Steer’s success. Production agriculture and agri-business operations have become a significant portion of our business, as well as the aggregate industry, service businesses and area township essential service vehicles.

Today’s farm operations have seen a huge impact from changes to the Ministry of Transportation regulations. A slow moving vehicle sign is no longer acceptable today. This equipment utilized on the road must now conform to the new National Safety Code Standards. We offer this service along with all diesel engine repairs at our shop or in their yard. Our staff at Steer has been trained to think outside of the box and meet every new challenge with confidence. Being a fully independent operation, we strive to service any diesel equipment that needs our expertise.”

Tim Young, Owner

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